Mission and Vision

We aim to help choir members experience the emotional, physical and social benefits of singing.

Vision: Everyone who wants to express themselves through singing can do so
Mission: To provide safe, encouraging and supportive learning opportunities
Goals: To build musical confidence and skill in choir members so they discover their musical potential and enjoy singing in a choral setting

Our Board

CEO: Roderick Bryce

President: Jennifer Janz
Vice President: Art Hughes
Treasurer: Debbi Wallace
Corporate Secretary: Susan Cribbs
Director: Debby Shoctor
Director: Dale Cooney
Date of Last Annual General Meeting: November 19, 2023

Pro bono legal advice and assistance is provided to A Joyful Noise Choir Association of Edmonton through the generosity of Melissa Timbres, barrister and solicitor, who is a corporate, commercial and privacy law lawyer with Miller Thomson.